Colin's Documentary


This documentary was created to raise awareness for anencephaly and to be a resource for support to families going through the same/similar journey as us.  Because we decided to share our son and experience publicly, we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback from those families. One of the things we hear often is that families feel more connected to us and the journey that they too will embark on when they see us move, hear us talk, feel our pain, and share our triumphs because of the videos.  We ask that you share this documentary with as many people as possible.  You never know who is a friend of a friend of a fiend going through a similar situation and this may be exactly what they need to let them know that they are not alone.


If you feel compelled to, you may make a donation for any amount and we will forward it to these two organizations below... and here's why...


Embrace the Journey
The first 6 weeks of our pregnancy with Colin were bliss.  Colin was our first pregnancy, our first child, our first everything.  To learn of his diagnosis was devastating, and the 6 weeks following his diagnosis we were lost, in the dark, and did not know how we would make it to be quite honest.  Then Amanda from Embrace the Journey came into our lives and blessed us beyond belief.  Amanda and Embrace the Journey not only helped us, but they help countless other families who decide to carry their babies to term after a fatal diagnosis.  Embrace the Journey helps families with Dr. visits, memorial information, advice, assistance, guidance, answering questions, love and care.
Duke University
When we first learned of Colin's diagnosis, the natural thing for us to do was search the internet and see what we could find. Amongst scary images and next to nothing in terms of research, we found the Duke University site.  Duke was the only institution we found in our search studying anencephaly. They were so thoughtful and caring during the entire process and continue to be to this day.  We filled out a questionnaire, had a phone interview, gave cord blood, and gave our blood to be a part of their study.  The process with Duke actually gave more depth to our experience with Colin.  Talking about him to strangers (who became family) and giving our blood for the study really made us feel like we were all a part of something greater than we could imagine.  Sadly, not to many people carry their babies to term because they are scared, mostly due to lack of information and resources.  With your donation to continue to fund Duke's study, you will be able to help them reach more families during their time of need for answers.


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